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Finally ready, the second part about the autumn colors here in Tokyo. For that film, I went to several parks with my friend Mayumi, who is a dancer here in Japan.

When we were shooting, the music was not decided yet, so she was just moving without music, inspired by the beauty of the nature, we have been surrounded by.

Later, I chose the classic song "autumn leaves", in the original and two pretty rare versions, sung by the japanese singer Shiina Ringo and Hildegard Knef, adding some orchestral parts and instruments of my own too.
The Shiina Ringo version sounds overdriven sometimes, but it is in the original CD-version too.

At least, I was often tempted to add more artistic effects ... but finally I decided to keep the most of the takes in natural colors. Hope, everybody enjoys watching it and special thanks to my friend Mayumi, who was a perfect add for that scenery.


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