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Another year has come and with it another H2Oi. This year was more out of control then any year prior and not just with the cars, but with the people, the trash and police. I can't fault the Police as thousands of essentially unwanted guests descended on this small town. I am almost positive if H2oi continues in this path that there will be no more event. But then again H2oi is so much more then just a meet on Sunday, it's the smaller gatherings, the cars cruising up and down the strip and seeing and hearing nothing but modded cars all weekend long.

Also I'm proud to announce the next dvd release "Autobahn" 1.1.2014 which will have completely new edits of all H2oi events 2011, 2012 and 13. It will also have further coverage of SoWo 2013 and some other events.

Will there be a 2014... who knows, but I tried to make the best of 13'. Enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe. Instagram @bsaintmedia


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