This is an intro sequence to a Chapter and track on a behind the scenes DVD I directed (sort of), shot, and am editing for Peter Rivera, original lead singer and drummer of Rare Earth from '69-'75. They recorded a live acoustic album at the Cider Mountain Studios in Athol, ID this last November. I was the only videographer and was juggling 3 cameras and sound to get the shots for this.

The wide static shots are done with a Sony HVR-A1U (which I am done with and want rid of because of the noise). The handheld and close up shots were all with a combination of Nikon D5000 and Nikon D90. D90 on fluid head and D5000 on a Redrock Micro "Captian Stubling" with a follow focus.

This was my first adventure into the world of filmmaking with a DSLR and mixed media.

The sound of the piano and instruments were recorded on a Zoom H2 and sync'ed with Pluraleyes.

Converted everything to ProRes, edited in Final Cut, denoised with Neat Video, and color graded in Looks.

Any feedback would be wonderful. I want to do this more and need to know if I am on the right track...



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