NJSO Pianopalooza

Ernie Edwards, Pianist / Composer

Born in Brooklyn New York, Ernie Edwards lost his ability to see shortly thereafter and has spent his entire life without vision. Ernie spent countless hours listening and learning to all types of music as a young child while growing up in Newark, New Jersey. His ability to memorize sounds and then convert those sounds into musical notes is in itself a miracle. As time went own, Ernie was able to start playing complete songs and learning the keys on his piano.

Ernie continued on with his father pressing forward trying to make a career out of his musical skills. Ernie has been able to master the playing style of one of his favorite artist, Erroll Garner. He plays a stride style in addition to the short lagging cords as well. Ernie often starts a song with a short classical intro or rendition that throws the crowd off beat and then moves right into rhythmic cadence that leads to the main melody.

produced by
Vision Ventures


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j vimeo.com/6673277

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