Voigtländer Nokton

An hedonist Vox Pop report, shot in a "run and gun" mode last week end, during this year "les Vendanges de Montmartre" ( Montmartre's wine grapes harvest festival).

Sound was recorded by Ines. She also conducted interviews. Thanx to her.

Gear: one zoom H1, one GH3 + a voiglander nokton 25mm f0,95 wide opened.
Shutter speed: 1/50.
Frames/Rate: 25 frames/seconde.
All-Intra mode (72mbs/seconde).
Image: "Portrait" mode / contrast: -4,; sharpness: 0; saturation: -4; noise reduction: 0.
Iso range: between 200 & 800.

Every shots were handhelded.
Extra Tele Converter mode ( focal lenght x 2,4 ) was used on several shots. That may have improved shakiness & flaring.

No additional light.
No color correction.
No post stabilization.

vimeo quality: H264; 720p; 24 frames/seconde progressive

Music: "The wine song" by The Cat Empire (c)

Drink responsibly! ;)

j vimeo.com/76945984

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