No Limits International Student Film Festival

Release from Fear is my second piece of coursework on my Media Production MA. The brief given to us was one of examining public and private space.

I chose to look at, in a documentary style, the mental condition known as Agoraphobia and how it limits a person, how they feel privately and how they feel they are perceived publically. The space aspect of the brief is addressed in the concepts of both mental space and the passage of time as the subject of this film overcomes her difficulties, or at least, that has been my intention.

I feel it's an improvement on my previous piece of coursework, Youth, in terms of my technical ability with a camera, with sound and lighting as well as in terms of my structuring and editing.

Clearly there are a lot of things I can improve on but I'm happy with the result as a piece of coursework.

There were problems with music samples I'd downloaded from to use (I lost them somewhere on my PC what with me being a bit of an absent minded idiot-hole and that) and had wanted to use them to enhance any sort of emotive atmosphere towards the end.


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