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Color Management and You

Jason Gerard DeRose

Jason Gerard DeRose Plus

In a few days we're off to the Ubuntu Developer Summit, an open event during which the next Ubuntu release is planned. This is chance for Novacut to advocate for the needs of our target users (aka, you!).

The session titled "Color Management: Next Steps" stood as as something I should get some input on from all of you:

I'd especially like feedback from some of the Colorists here. I'm not knowledgeable enough about color management to ask many specific questions, but some broad questions to get you started:

1) In your perfect world, what does your color management system look like? Full brain dumps welcomed!

2) What color management features are *essential* for cutting? How about grading?

3) What are some features that could make us stand out, make your lives easier?

Now I'll ask some questions that will probably showcase my ignorance, but what the heck:

1) If you were only cutting with Novacut (on Ubuntu) and then grading with some existing industry standard solution, does color management matter much for Novacut?

2) I get the impression that 3D LUT support needs to be at the center of our story, but I also get the impression that compared to ICC profiles, 3D LUTs aren't very standardized yet. So where is the industry heading? If we're trying to be forward looking, do we even bother with ICC profiles for video? Are ICC and 3D LUT complementary, or will one replace the other for video?

As far as 3D LUT support, there is an interesting sounding open source library developed by Sony Imageworks:

Lastly, if anyone wants to learn more about the Ubuntu Developer Summit, start here:

Thanks everyone for being so gracious about answering even our sometimes naive questions!

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