New York City

I've shot a good deal of RAW video with my Canon 5D Mk. II and VAF-5D2 filter around the city so far this summer, so I thought I should go ahead and edit it into something before I run out of hard drive space. Locations include Roosevelt Island, East River Ferry, Coney Island, Union Square, East Village, Chinatown, Manhattanvile, Tenderloin (Grand Central), Times Square (of course), and a little bit on the subway. The VAF-5D2 definitely helps with the aliasing a good deal, although it's still present on really fine details. A few shots had some dead pixel / banding issues from the earlier nightly builds, but for the most part, the current builds are completely stable. I like that I was able to carry around my 5D in a bag and go anywhere in the city because I was shooting with an IS lens. Obviously I'd rather have went to all these locations with my Slider or Glidecam, or even just a fluid head, but there's something to be said for being able to walk around with a camera that fits in your bag and shoot stabilized handheld RAW video footage.

Canon 5D Mk. II
RAW 1880x800
Lexar Professional 1000x 32Gb
VAF-5D2 Filter
Canon 24-105mm F4 L Zoom Lens with IS on for all shots
Graded in Adobe After Effects with Film Convert (FJ 8563 RL)
Additional Post Effects used to emulate dirty film stock (Gorilla Grain, Magic Bullet Misfire)

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