open architecture open design

The brief for this project included the conception, design and 1:1 fabrication of a temporary structure, which would be exhibited at the CAAD's own premises at ETH. The module focused on the relationship between design, methods of (generative) computer modeling, the importance of materiality (in this case Ytong - aerated concrete) in the digital age and the physical representation of information using CAD/CAM devices (in this case a Kuka robot). The students were encouraged to think beyond Parametrization and how they can use the computer to generate an aesthetically appealing structure, which couldn’t be done manually.
After an intense week of conceptualizing and designing, one proposal was selected for further development. The idea was based on a Reaction-Diffusion algorithm, programmed in Processing, to create a three-dimensional self-standing structure,whose geometry was further processed based on tooling and material constraints. The whole structure made out of around 1000 brick,was fabricated with the aid of a robotic arm and a attached jigsaw in one week and was finally assembled within 2 weeks.


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