open architecture open design

Abhinav Mishra
Design Project4
New Media Design,NID
Guide:Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Soundtrack from "Households" by Sleeping at last

The project tries to negotiate the visual boundary between inside and outside by making the facade dynamic
and modular. The modules engage with the surroundings with ever changing interplay of solid and voids, positive and negative , light and dark, relief and depression.

Mechanical movements also provide a learning opportunity for understanding three dimensional geometric transformations and exploring possibilities of a rotating polygon.

The idea was to create a reactive building skin. The design uses modular units which can become transparent and opaque based on a sensor input (ex. LDR ,Proximity,Camera ). or using mobile devices.

These modules could be used for purposes like:
●adjusting the amount of daylight and ventilation in the building
● changing privacy levels
● acting as pixels for the exterior of the building

Reference projects for this prototype:
Adaptive Building Initiative's : Adaptive fritting
Jean NOUVEL - IMA Institut du Monde Arabe

Project duration:September-October 2012


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