In this class I explain how I had the audacity to ask God to make me a king and how God answered my request by picking me to represent Jesus's return. It ends with a prophecy of the next 911 disaster. The ^thumbnail^ is from the movie Chinatown and is the luck that prophets have because I made this on 1-29-11 and then classes L99 & L112 over a year later. New York might not be impressed with the coincidence of my grandpa Wes Overson as Perry Mason and playing my god in heaven in classes L99 and L112 (at Vimeo) but I was amazed at how "my lawyer" backed up my prediction of the next 911 disaster.

THE FBI kept baiting me to browse sexy videos at Vimeo and when I did I got so mocked and hated that I hope it cured me of ever doing that again. It got real EXpensive at Terry Richardson's picture of a monkey wearing the same kind of glasses that my grandpa Wes Overson used to wear. You can mock a person as a monkey but NOT when he’s playing GOD.

The tag lines to the 2001 movie EVOLUTION said it best:
Have a nice end of the world.
(They're) coming to wipe that silly smile off your planet's face.

In other words by mocking God as a monkey you only made this prediction of the next 911 disaster more severe and literal, it's like you're begging for more.

From class L123
@ 28 I say the hurricanes that hit Florida also had to do with the song "and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea" as an example and warning that heaven will be enforcing this on all of the USA... That got me to post classes 200 and 193a at Vimeo because it kind of says the same thing about the "lion king's" authority to (the #617 means) "kick butt" on prejudice in the USA and in other countries.
@ 1:54 is a list of magic in my life that might be my best explanation of me being “the bride of Christ”, (Abba, hon and the Holy Spirit are women).
This class 200 has scenes of THE SOUND OF MUSIC & South Pacific to confirm what I'm saying is true, but there are much more "see parallel" (c//) signs, lessons & ^proof^ in ^L123^.

I'm pretty sure this is about THE END of my classes and my blog, (best explained @, like this is from the last page of my blog at

The too good to be true line in the Bible of "Peace on Earth" became very possible and soon in my classes 185, L110, L123 and L124 at Vimeo. Except this song prophesied a delay:

So glad we've almost made it
So sad they had to fade it

In this description of class 170 is when I finally realized God was serious about PEACE ON EARTH.

Class 170:
I elaborated on this in classes 185, 163b, 165, 166, 167 and in this one #170 (@ but after seven classes on this subject it has finally soaked in that God is serious about a PEACE ON EARTH sign that I show in this class, (it was on top of a 20 story building in San Jose every Christmas). This is a very serious offer that heaven is making and it can really happen if enough people hope that it is possible.

Class L110 lists how heaven tried to rescue Christmas, (and Peace on Earth), five years with permission for sex. L123 & L124 was my best summary of the patriotic classes and that Peace on Earth is possible. I explained that L123 & L124 were 90% made by heaven and when they were mocked as bad as my other classes then heaven cut off the classes they were offering through me. For no thanks, pay, respect or views on my videos I'm not surprised that heaven has finally cut off the magic. The first 8 minutes of class L5b was a warning of how these classes would be mocked away, (see ya suckers and thanks for Brer rabbit's break at THE END of classes L96, 1a1 and L94 @ Vimeo).

Diana Ross's song TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING, (especially with her YOU'RE SO VAIN photo), might best sum up the end of these classes.

From L97 @
On 6-23-12 I was in shock and full of rage at how much was mocking the one (me) in European porn.
The next morning (6-24) I was despairing as I prayed how I could pay them back for this,
This is the ^ Bottom Line ^ of my classes, (& my calling).


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