Outdoor Artistry aka Street Art and Graffiti

Taking advantage of the International Olympic Commitee visit to Madrid, to evaluate the “situation” of our city as a candidate to organize the 2020 Games, we went out into the street with our lights, to demonstrate our opposition to becoming the headquarters of these event of shame, that not only are not going to bring about any economic benefit to the citizens, (except for the construction industry), but are also going to cause us to sink a little further into the abyss of the budget deficit that is already causing worrying cuts in culture, health, education…

To carry out the protest, we headed to a well known park, abandoned during its construction, and that they are proposing to reconvert into an Olympic site taking it away from the citizens, and which will surely, once the event has finished, will languish like the rest of the already constructed infrastructure, which is now underused, so as not to say abandoned..

For a month, we collected glass bottles, recycled from bars close to our houses, until we had about 500 units which we cleaned of labels and carefully prepared, with the intention of giving them the appearance of menacing Molotov cocktails.

Our installation “Olympic Games as a strategy for destruction” was carried out on the night of March 18th, and consisted of the creation of the 5 rings, 2 meters in diameter, made up of bottles/cocktails, in which the fuel was replaced with colored water and the wick burned, not with dangerous fire, but with the warm light of an LED.

More: luzinterruptus.com/?p=1745

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