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The Launceston Railway Workshops in Launceston was a massive site, with equally massive workshop buildings scattered over the site (close to the city, and beside one of the three rivers in Launceston.) The workshops were built from around 1911, some 10 years later or so. The Railway Workshops employed around 2,000 people over the decades to the 1980's, building and maintaining trains, and the whole enterprise was the centre for Tasmania's mining and manufacturing industries. After the Railway Workshops closed in the 1980's, there was a 20 year hiatus when the whole site was a kind of railway junkyard.
Then after a huge $13 million refit and refurbish, the whole massive site was turned into a kind of adventureland, with a huge new Museum and Art Gallery (incorporating many of the features of the old Railway Workshops). The University School of Architecture and Academy of the Arts, also occupy other massive old workshop buildings, excitingly refurbished and refitted.
There is plenty of space to skateboard, ride bikes, walk, sit in the sun outside the Blue Cafe, or inside the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. You can visit the Launceston Tramway Museum, at work lovingly refurbishing beautiful old Launceston trams, and then ride on one of the trams, on the tramlines on site.
You can almost become lost here! Next door is the Aurora Stadium, venue for football, concerts, and gastronomic events, amongst many types of functions. Further north, is the Launceston Showgrounds, and even further Heritage Forest, which is another fantastic recycled location in Launceston.


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