Original Storytelling

一段感人的故事,講述一位媽媽在她生日當天希望與兒子共進晚餐,奈何天不從人願。本片在 ”Link Art Film” 比賽夺得 “2013年年度最佳摄影”,並且在 "Sight & Sound" 活動中被投選為“現場觀眾最受歡迎短片”。

It is a story about a mother who is waiting for her son to celebrate her birthday. However, her son has completely forgot about it. His negligence becomes a regret forever in his life. "Left Over" won the "Best Cinematography Award" at RMIT Link Art Film Competition 2013, and also won an Audience Award at 2013 Sight & Sound event.

Director: Herman Lai
Screenwriter + Cinematographer: Herman Lai & Joe Tang
Cast: Doris Wu, Henry Chiu, Vicky Lee, Joe Tang, Jessica Lam
Special Thanks: Sara Wu, Cecilia Wu, Edmund Lai, Linbei Li
Camera: GH1
Per-Olov's Music: per-olovkindgren.com/

j vimeo.com/65945475

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