Over the Air 2009 Mobile Film Festival

Max With a Keitai.

The experimental documentary is exploring Japanese metropolitan centres through the lens of a mobile phone and captures the in the year 2005 to 2008 emerging mobile phone video aesthetic. The city film captures the everyday life of the mobile phone filmmaker Max during the mobile-mentary (mobile documentary) production and the Japanese megapolis in the Taiheiyō Belt in 2006. The cityscapes are depicted as a hybrid of tradition and progressive technoculture. In addition Max With a Keitai provides an alternative reading of the technologically most advanced centre. Max recorded the failures of the technoculture, such as the derelict shopping mal in Den-Den town (= Electric city) with his keitai (mobile phone). Max With a Keitai is a digital record of a vblog (mobile-mentary.co.uk). The video-blog was produced at the end of 2006 during the production on location in Japan. A short was edited on location and screened for the first time in Japan at the Design Fiesta in Tokyo in December 2006. The screening of the film to a Japanese audience became part of the feature project and is a direct reference to Kinoki filmmaking. Including original soundtrack based upon mobile field recordings by Dithernoise (aka Simon Longo), Demetris Roditis, Kota Kawasaki, Glitchworks (aka Jo Thomas), Will K-nine (aka Will Oliver) and Charlie McConville.

j vimeo.com/26622881

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