Panasonic GH3

Camera : Panasonic GH3
Lens : SLR Magic 12mm t1.6 // Super Takumar 50mm f1.4
Grain : FILMCONVERT "Kodak 5207"
Color : FILMCONVERT "Kodak 5207" x OSIRIS "Vision 6" LUT
Filter : Tiffen Black Pro mist 1 x Tiffen Pro Mist 1/2 x Voigtlander 17.5 f0.95
Picture Profile : Vivid
CODEC : MOV 50mbps ipb x AVCHD

The purpose of this test was to get as much of an organic image out of the GH3 as possible. I completely turned off the image sharpening and sharpened in post with NEAT Video's denoiser...the results were much better than in camera sharpening and other post sharpening tools. This is because NEAT Video knows the difference between image noise and image details and sharpens appropriately. Come to find out your not actually losing detail with in camera sharpening are just not seeing the effects of the cameras aggressive in camera sharpening. I only used a slight luminance denoising and added the grain back with FILMCONVERT. I figured out that if you apply filmconvert then use OSIRIS rec.709 to LOG utility then apply their LOG lut's the image looks much better. Filmconvert helps combat the panasonic gh3 oversaturated red's and weird yellows giving you a more balanced image for lack of a better word. The mist filters help give a smoother roll off from shadow to highlight and the foggy effect disappears when an increase of contrast is applied to the image. The benefit im seeing from using mist filters and other diffusion filters on dslr's is that it helps combat moire and helps with highlight blowout. The highlights WILL blowout using a DSLR and other cameras for the most part...what the mist filter will do is cause those highlights to bloom giving it an interesting "filmic" adds character to situations where highlights will blow. You must be careful though, depending on your diffuser strength it can totally wash out your entire image and destroy it ! You must pay attention to your histogram so your contrast is at least close to both ends of the histogram. As you can see the GH3 has an impressive level of dynamic range and their are tricks to fake a wide dynamic range in which I will go into detail with in another video

That being said im impressed with how easy it is to get the OSIRIS luts to work with FILMCONVERT. The combination of the two has been taking my footage to the next level !


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