Ping Pong KaPow

IN WHICH: we leave Thailand, crossing the border into Cambodia in a van loaded down with several hundred kilograms of palm oil machinery because we just love palm oil so goddamn much that we almost want to marry it.

Also the episode in which we get snared by the bright lights of Phnom Penh. Sort of like moths pulled to a flame, except that there are no moths and no flame, just three sweaty white people trying not to get ripped off.

Also the episode in which we learnt that talking to the camera goes some way toward compensating for the lack of interesting footage.

Also the episode in which we find that Cambodian music sucks ass.

Also the episode in which we find that we are lazy enough to keep the music in the clip despite it sucking ass, because we spent all day getting it and if you don't like it, gfy.


The PPKP Team


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