Planet 550D

in everybody's life there are moments in which you feel weak and you don't know how to go on...
one person can change everything - in a positive and a negative way.

"it ends where it began" is a short movie about love, emotions and a guy who feels like this.


"IEWIB" is a movie project between an ex-classmate, my girlfriend and me.
actually we wanted to start filming a year ago (the script was almost done), but we never did because of our graduation. december 2012 we decided to resume the project again, my girlfriend joined the team and we started filming in february 2013. we rewrote a few scenes in the script and completely changed the choise of music.
shots were done in about a week, including a car crash, thousands of bloopers, frozen toes, funny moments and expenditures even there was no budget at all ;)

thanks to:

John M. Sweeney
Marlene Lamprecht

written by
John M. Sweeney
Thomas Dunzendorfer
Marlene Lamprecht

film and cut by
Thomas Dunzendorfer

shot on a Canon EOS 550D
edited with AE CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6

locations (styria)


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