Pocket Cinema Camera

This is the very first shots with my Black Magic pocket cinema camera, got it two days ago. Some shots are out of focus, shaky and so on. In two or three clips I've used some wrap stabilization in Premiere. Graded with Film Convert 2.0. 24p, shutter angle 180, Dynamic range: Film Lens: Panasonic 12-35

My first impressions:
Super hard to focus using the LCD-screen in bright sunlight
Hard to get the right exposure
The camera is literally eating batteris, so you have to take your shot, and then quickly turn it off if you want to save some battery power. I have four batteries and I'm feeling like I need to duoble that, so I've 8 of them.
But the image is soo nice, it feels good (heavy) in your hand and overall I'm very happy with it.
I'm going to do some more tests with the camera today.

j vimeo.com/75465634

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