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Ammons would no doubt object to my visual take on his poem, but. well, whatever. The birch is a photo by Edward Steichen, the painting of birches--the original is in color-- is by Georgia O'Keefe, and the origin of the nude is unknown. Ammons' poem is as follows:


I look for the way
things will turn
out spiraling from a center,
the shape
things will take to come forth in
so that the birch tree white
touched black at branches
will stand out
totally its apparent self:
I look for the forms
things want to come as
from what black wells of possibility,
how a thing will
not the shape on paper -- though
that, too -- but the
uninterfering means on paper:
not so much looking for the shape
as being available
to any shape that may be
summoning itself
through me
from the self not mine but ours.

j vimeo.com/58465994

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