Political Video Art

…today, public space has lost its original meaning, that of a quintessential
interaction and of a following dialogue. It has been replaced by an intellectually
constructed public space (media, internet platforms) that renders
the face-to-face communication re-stricted. The private has been overvalued
towards the public space.

Coordinated by the artist, the participants intervene right to the physical
border between public and private space, where transitional spaces, spatial
experiences and balances are blurred. The participants, now performers, occupy
every window and every door, every “doorstep” and every threshold of
the buildings enclosing the square. Approximately 150 people are gathered,
including residents, storeowners, students, friends and strangers, in order
to activate momentarily the space through their intense presence. The private
spaces (apartments, stores, offices) open simultaneously and human
figures appear on the edges. Live music accompanies the ritual. For a few
minutes, all performers embody this subtle experience of their momentary
tenancy in these private spaces by translating the phrase ‘My home is open
for you!’ into a gesture. These gestures are directed straight to the square.
People are concentrated in the center of the square and scatter. Everyday
life continues.

j vimeo.com/54110686

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