Political Video Art

This is the first in a series of 26 works that will become Scribbling between Photons. The project takes the existing public maps of the 26 points where undersea fibre optic cables make landfall around the coast of the mainland UK as it’s point of departure.


What we spiral in to is an attempt to create a psychogeographic portrait of the UK in 2013-14 structured through the physicality of the network. Each work will include micro narratives found at the site, the land and the sea in their endless dance, research on the corporate ownership of the cables, chance encounters with the public & the current developments in the NSA/GCHQ cable tapping/data mining Edward Snowden related revelations. As ever the politics of power are written in the landscape.

Our journey begins at Widemouth Bay on the north Cornish coast, the site that has the highest undersea data landfall any where in the UK - a capacity which will double before the project is complete - we may return to Widemouth... Widemouth will be watching us all the way, via the GCHQ base just up the coast at Bude, this sleepy surfer beach watches the digitized dreams of human race, in real time.

It's dreaming our future right now, our future is the passage of Cornish light in glass.

j vimeo.com/70627517

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