Political Video Art

The, CHRYSALIS, installation, is a conceptual composite of the runaway slave escaping to freedom; the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly and the persecuted and crucified Christ resurrected. The installation – which I refer to as the ‘Reveal’ for the first ONEMAN series, ’My-Story [mystery] of the Angry Black’ aka ‘The Sermon Series’ – represents a rite of passage. It’s the becoming and or birth, if you will, of the revolutionary – the emergence and evolution of the radical consciousness. This idea is expressed through a series of symbolic actions that mark the transformation of ‘ONEMAN’. The radical, whose anger and discontentment with society – and the systemically racist, exploitative and oppressive standards and practices of a, capitalism driven (white supremacy based) power structure – has subsequently lead him down the radical path towards liberation. The first step of this journey involved the act of speaking out, telling the truth (speaking truth to power). And while ‘The Sermon Series’ represents that first step or phase. CHRYSALIS [Cry-Solace] represents the coming of a new phase. Here, word is born – it is the manifestation of TRUTH as action – the cry of liberation gives rise to liberator. The word as invocation, or call, summons action as response. .

Thumbnail Photo By: Lesley-Ann Brown

j vimeo.com/97458493

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