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Though Friendfeed has gained only scant attention within the world of online social media sites, it has nonetheless come to mean a great deal to those users savvy enough to fully understand its utility for developing and sustaining robust discussions and deeper conversations. Those conversations always reach beyond 140 characters and embrace a network outside one's immediate sphere of influence.

In this film, four friends from diverse backgrounds sit and discuss how it is that they've come to know each other so well before ever meeting in person. The viewer enters the discussion mid-stream and exits in just the same manner. Though their conversation is, at its foundation, informed by their involvement in FriendFeed, non-users should be able to identify with the core sentiments proffered by each person at the table. Namely, that the need to tell stories and share with one's friends is still just as viable a pursuit online as it is in person.

Derrick Jefferson
Holly Blosser
Scott Mueller
Alex Scoble

Executive Producer
Christopher Harley

Tom Hopkins

Technical Director
John Opalko

Audio Engineer
Jim Winkle

Gordon Westfall

Lighting Technician
Jim Thompson

Floor Director
Rocco Giannetta

Frances Fagan
Jim Thompson
Rocco Giannetta
Jan Dance

Production Assistant
Patrick Nye

Production Assistant
Ann Kasper

Studio Engineer
Jack Eggers

Produced at the Studios of Portland Community Media, Portland, Oregon. 2010

And special thanks to Steve Weiss and the crew from Zacuto for understanding that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

j vimeo.com/8689792

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