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A research project based on an experimental approach entitled “An impossible wardrobe for the
invisible”, this experimental approach signifies here that all the experimental actions taking place
in this project are actions where the outcome is not foreseen. Meaning that each piece is unique
and can’t be repeated. Lara Torres present’s the recordings/documentation of seven performances
in a video screening showing the following titles:
1. 1.Woman in the water
2. Two man hug
3. Man sinking to the floor
4. The older man sitting
5. Young couple
6. Women crossing the water
7. Self portrait
These videos are based in the creation of temporary clothes that are produced with the aim of
being destroyed. They refer to the lost of the object and the documentation of this loss. The action
of effacing the clothes leaves a trace (the seams) translating a strong relation with memory and

Direction and concept Lara Torres | Co-direction Pedro Fortes | First assistant Yann Gibert
Featuring Joana Areal, Miguel Bonneville, Diogo Bento, Yann Gibert, Eduardo Petersen,
Sofia Dias, Vitor Roriz, Andrea Brandão, Liz Vahia, Sofia Pimentão, Teresa Nobre, Lara Torres
Assistants Frederica Santos, João Barata, Mauro Cordeiro
Sponsor: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Thanks to: Associação ModaLisboa, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Tiago Esteves for the pool
“piscina dos bébes”, Pedro Matos & Frederica Santos for the natural water spring;
Yann Gibert
and Pedro Fortes for all the support and help and to all the performers without whom this project
would not be possible


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