Public Art

CYNETart_03transit, 11.10.2003, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Opening of the French Week

Choreography, artistic direction: Magali and Didier Mulleras, stage and light design: Nicolas Grimal, music/sound design: Didier Mulleras, multimedia/video: Nicolas Grimal, dance: Magali and Didier Mulleras, Elisabeth Nicol, Severine Prunera, PR: Veronique Molières
Compagnie MULLERAS would like to thank The City of Béziers, France; AFAA Paris; French Ministry of Foreign Affairs; French Ministry of Culture; Institut Français of Dresden, Germany, CNC – Centre National de la Cinématographie; Région Languedoc, Roussillon; ONDA Paris; Conseil Général de l‘Hérault, France; Consulat Général of France in Los Angeles; Alliance Française of Monterrey, Mexico; Institut Français of Kiev, Ukraine; and Alliance Française of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The guest performance is supported by Dresdner Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur der Stadtsparkasse Dresden and Robert Bosch Stiftung

INVISIBLE is designed as a three-year process from 2002 to 2004. In successive phases, this project proposes a fusion and interaction of distinct universes (contemporary dance, music, image, new technologies) in accomplishments presented to the public in various forms (multimedia, film, web, CD-Rom, stage).
The creative process is realised in two time levels – virtual (films and interactive modules) and real (stage performance, happenings, installations). The audience will be able to see the results in two modes – live parts on stage and in real spaces and multimedia parts on computers, video screens etc.
INVISIBLE is a voluntary departure in style and aesthetics from the graphic and lively universe initiated by the Mulleras Company with their past project “mini@tures”, thus continuing to investigate the new artistic workspaces offered by new technologies. The aim of this new three-year project is to represent as it were a global work of art, containing artistic modules able to function close to – or far from each other. – Like a polymorphic work which declines its units almost ad infinitum to be discovered by fragmentation or fusion of the individual components.
INVISIBLE is a paradoxical title for one of the first companies to make a dance project visible on the internet. Their past pioneer project, mini@tures, presents a succession of danced fragments on the internet, with a promptness and humour close to the first land-clearers of media, such as Méliès.
Today, it is rather towards David Lynch’s universe to whom choreographers Magali and Didier Mulleras turn their attention accompanied by the images of Nicolas Grimal. As a work of creation on the internet, INVISIBLE is a long-term project which will give rise to several multimedia works, films and scenic performances. Both, body and dance are hustled by the fragmentation of these new media, in a form of representation which also hustles our waiting. INVISIBLE will get closer to what we do not see, out of frame, out of fields…


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