Public Art

I worked with Hope street on their Emerging Artist programme. This project gathers a number of young professionals in theatre and multi-media and provides them with opportunities to create and partcipate in unconventional theatre across the city of Liverpool.

Deadline took place during the Biennial arts festival of 2012 and ran across the whole of the city with interventions and scenes at venues and locations in galleries, shopping centres, parks and warehouses. Teams of audience members moved from site to site interacting with the performers and attempted to gather clues and solve the mysteries behind the piece as they went. As lead media/performance artist on the project I helped create a series of video films which informed the piece and provided clues and triggers for the action.

This was the main introductory piece of film - taking ideas from religious, cult and art videos. I was particularly pleased with our lo-tech green screen footage which easily matches the cheesy effect required and seen in a number of 'real' religious films online!!

Creative Director : Adam McGuigan
parent organisation : Hope Street Training


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