Public Art

Modus (Work-in-progress)
June, 2012
Baruch Performing Arts Center, NYC

An original choreography inspired by a quote from Albert Einstein-“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Layering references of infra-structure, individualism, and patterns - both social and geometric - a group of 6 dancers constructed a process of re-discovery through physical movement and the creative adjusting of rational thought.

Direction by Yung-Li Chen 
Performed by Ching-I Chang, Yung-Li Chen, Giovanna Gamna, Wedee Kao, Zuzanna Mrozek, and Eric Williams.

In collaboration with
Costumes:  Eighteenth
Stage:  Arrows Up
Visual Art:  Ben Dierckx
Original musical score: Gilbert Galindo
Lighting:  Yu-Chen (Nick) Hung

Cinematography by Sergei Krasikov and Charles Krezell


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