PushMePullMe - interactive real time physics

PushMePullMe software is part of an educational project that aims at developing a set of tools and digital documents to ease and enrich the process of teaching about structural mechanics, engineering and architecture


The physics engine is able to compute complete stress-field and displacements, including rigid body motion, for cables, bars and beam elements in real time.
The solver computes geometric non-linarites inherently since equilibrium position is always computed on the current deformed shape allowing form finding and shape optimization.

the application can be accessed at :
(download latest java plug in and make sure you do not block the application when security warnings are displayed)

(toggle on gravity and any of momentXX/YY or shearX/Y. toggle on pull and pull on nodes)

built by MustRD and Think Up for Expedition Engineering
Developers : gennaroSenatore, danielPiker, charlieBanthorpe

j vimeo.com/33090939

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