PyCon Ireland

PyCon Ireland 2011. (Radisson Blu Royal Hotel 2011 - 8th Oct 2011)

Speaker: Raymond Hettinger

In a world of many programming languages, the popularity of Python continues to grow without bound. We examine what makes it special and how it influences the way we program:
- what gives python its texture and feel
- what features support rapid development
- where does the readability come from
- what features support economy of expression
- look at the mix of lightweight tools and industrial grade tools
- how easy is it to learn python? how hard is it to master
- what can python do that other languages can't
- what is the role of the python community
- why does the license matter
- does python just have zen or is there a python attitude?

(Level: Beginner)

Link to talk:

Thanks to
- Robert Murphy and Susan Bourke for videoing the talks on Saturday.
- Tim Kersten for providing an extra roving camera on the day.
- Post-Production: Robert Murphy
- All the volunteer session chairs
- And you, who made this conference possible by helping and attending! :-)

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