The Quantified Self

Garfield shared with us many amazing online tools which can help with self-tracking. Here are his notes:
Hello Again,

This email contains links to the software I covered on the June 2, 2009 Quantified Self Presentation.

1) - ShifD is a mobile application that provides users the capability to seamlessly shift content back and forth between their desktop computers and mobile devices.
This software was the one that was able to add info to a Google Spreadsheet via SMS.

2) - Make keeping a journal as simple as replying to a scheduled email. You set the times you want to be emailed. Journals can be public or private, group or individual. Your replies can even be statistical in nature. As in, "What is your weight today?" or "How many hours of sleep did you get last night?" This information is then added to a private graph or optional public graph.

3) - Twitter your goals. Using #dailygoal, #dailygoals, or #tdg List your goals and complete them publicly on twitter. Special feature reward full accomplishment on a color coded calendar and pie chart.

4) - My personal favorite for GTD. Their premium yearly service is 30 dollars a year but if you use this discount code MANAGEYOURLIFE you get $5 off and that is just a little over $2 a month. What do you get?

5) Finally, please join a social network on just for this type of topic.


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