Huge thanks to the guys at Magic Lantern!

This is just a short test shooting RAW video with the canon 60d.

For my workflow I converted the raw files to .DNG sequences using RAWMagic (magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=6218.0) then imported the sequences into davinci resolve lite where I applied the BMD Film gamma and white balanced each clip. I then exported the clips as prores 444 files to be cut/graded in FCP7 and MBL. The grading is quick and sloppy, just to show how much the prores can be pushed.

I shot the video in 1280p with a 2.35 crop. In that mode I could only record up to about 200 frames recorded onto a Sandisk Extreme Pro 30mb/s SD. The highest resolution I was able to get true continuous recording on was 960p. The dynamic range, sharpness and obviously malleability of the colors is outstanding. I'll have to shoot more with it to really see what can be done.

*Note that a lot of the compression/artifacting came from the vimeo upload, download the file to see a more accurate representation of the quality.*

j vimeo.com/69999779

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