Projection Mapping

We were commissioned by Bet Hagefen gallery in Haifa to create a projection piece for their facade, for an opening night of a new exhibition titled "log-in, log-out".
Focus Focus is a site specific projection created especially for this night, and visually illustrates a movement between an analogical approach to video mapping, and a digital one. We explored the different techniques at our disposal where an analogical approach uses live actors (or hands) over real life models of the facade, and a digital approach is clearly achieved through software, illustrated by the i-phone facade or the kaleida-facade.
Some of my inspiration for this location came from Turkish mosaics, this eventually led to the kaleidoscopic sequence. These distinct forms are created from the facade's architecture and shapes, and as such are specific for this site.
I want to thank Bet Hagefen Gallery for their commission and for the complete freedom we recieved in creating this piece, Adam Lewenson for supporting the project throughout, and everyone else invlolved in the creation process.
I also want to thank Telenoika, Play-Modes, Roberto Fazio and Joanie Lamercier for the knowledge they shared with me in Barcelona.
This piece is also an Homage to my greatest masters URBANSCREEN, whose work has influenced me the most during the past years.

Concept, direction, design & animation: Yoav David
Compositing & support: Adam Lewenson
Actors: Yael Finkel, Yehonatan Porat
Hands: Dan Berger, Carmel Ben-Ami
3d Artist: Sagi Alter
Original Music: Phototaxis
Additional Music: Django Reinhert, Dick Hayman
Musical Edit: Alberto Shwartz
Set Construction: Yaacov Gal
Studio: Mamash production's Melon studio
Projectors: Rimoninio projections ltd.

Focus-Focus, Haifa, December 2012


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