Remapping Europe

I think that the sky is bluer there - a person from Lublin, Poland says asked about life several dozens kilometres behind the Eastern border. Lublin is 100 km from the Ukrainian border. Students and seasonal workers come here. Dormitories are full of Ukrainian, people smoke Ukrainian cigarettes smuggled in trains and cars. Kamil Rodzik and Magdalena Radwańska ask the people of Lublin about Ukraine and Ukrainians. It turns out that the close neighbours often seem to come from another planet - all that we know about them is a sum of guesswork and stereotypes.
Made by Kamil Rodzik and Magda Radwańska, produced by The Association of Creative Initiatives in 2013 as part of the Remapping Europe Project, supported by the European Commission. This work is part of Doc Next Network Media Collection. For more information visit


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