RePlay XD 1080

First flight with the replayXD on the arDrone 2.0

* 2min long borring uncut shot from arDrone flying with replayXD - skip to last 30sec of video to see actual setup.

This is probably the best high quality camera for the arDrone, the replayXD is narrow, which mean it is closer to the center of gravity on the drone, the drone is more stable than when flying with the GoPro, at the end of the video you can see me put the iPad down and fumble for the iPhone, letting the arDrone and cam hang there in the afternoon wind, while I got a iphone shot of the setup. thats it.. this combination is amazingly stable.

I have always liked the replayXD's ability to avoid jello, somehow it simply "do it better" than GoPro, particularly GoPro2 is a jello monster, but as you can see here, the setup is balanced and reasonably jello-free.

The replay have some other advantages, because it is longer, the lens is further forward, and unlike the GoPro there is not so much "fisheye" look to the image. because the lens is forward and a little less wide, the propellers is gone from the shot, the nose is visible a little.. this is with the camera mount horisontal..! tilt it down little and you will have completely clean video while still seeing a lot of sky.

- Narrow camera body mean close to the arDrone mounting
- Long camera body put the lens forward for a cleaner view
- Less fisheye effect.
- relayXD is roughly 20g lighter than the GoPro in this setup
- relayXD is far less susceptible to jello caused by arDrone vibrations than the GoPro

* for best video, adjust the replayXD setup file to BR=H (bitrate=high) I also like to set the exposure compensation a little low to avoid burn outs.

The kit contains the mounting rails / brackets and the replay camera clip, it is necessary to remove the plastic covering on the bottom of the arDrone 2.0 to install the rails. I put a piece of clear 2 inch packing tape over the electronics board to protect the electronics from wet grass.

The replayXD 1080 mounting kit can be found purchased here

Music: SOLO ACOUSTIC GUITAR by Jason Shaw (


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