RePlay XD 1080

Just finished building the BlackOut Mini H Quad.

Sorry about the rough flying, this thing is so quick on the stick, Im still getting used to flying it. Feels just like coming from a old pickup truck with sloppy steering and hopping into a track-ready cooper mini.. Think left and the quad is already rolling and yawing left. woohoooo.

The quad is a blast to fly, and because of its rugged design and small size, might be the perfect hiking accessory or even for trips.. particularly if you remove the props, you can drop this into a backpack and feel good about it.

The Mini-H is small, REALLY SMALL, 220mm diagonal on the motors, weigh 330grams ready to fly (depth I just changed to try the Mobius as flight camera and now mine weigh 350grams all up).
It use 2S batteries 1000mah or 1500mah
CC3D flight controller
VTX ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8G
Flying it with Devo6 (I love how that radio fits in my hands and is just big enough to do the job comfortably) with Devo RX702 receiver with the long antenna dongles.


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