Girls and Women in the Vimeo

Hello everyone, maybe you've heard of me and maybe you haven't! However now you'll know who I am...My name is Lexi Campbell and I live in Portland, Oregon. You can find me just by googling my name:)

My personal email is LexiCampbell13@Gmail.Com Please no spam or else I will block your email via filter.
I'm only 21 years of age my birthday was in April 2013. Modeling I love lots especially being Nude i'm very comfortable with my clothes off.

This video was a test shoot for a Major magazine world known which I can't mention the name! I'm offering the complete video raw and "Uncut" footage of me changing outfits for a generous fee. I'll send you an autographed DVD copy with Bonus pictures from the shoot that will be included and at the intro of the video I will mention your complete name stating that the DVD is for you.

If interested just email me and I'll provide the link for you to order! Limited to 10,000 Only!


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