Ryan Pleune Video Portfolio

VISION: To combine ecological literacy development with school reform to achieve a more equal and just society.

MISSION: To develop leadership skills and empower youth to address environmental justice issues. We embody the mission from Awakening the Dreamer to promote a socially just, spiritually fulfilling and environmentally sustainable human presence on the planet.

VALUES: A leadership cohort showing that diversity equals health: in our environment and in our human communities. Diversity is the innate architecture of being. Programmed into every living cell and visible in all environments is diversity. We model ways to improve the health of our human communities. Using a definition of ecological literacy that emphasizes the external and internal development with people as they learn to do what Paulo Freire calls reading the word and "reading" the world.

2010-2011 East High School SLC: 11 Students 7 different nationalities - This school has an average of 2000 students enrolled, 40 percent are racial minorities, 700 speak a language other than English at home and 90 are international students living in the United States as refugees. This year's leadership cohort is composed of five women and five men who bring knowledge from, American, Bosnian, Burundi, Karen, Mexican, Peruvian, Somalian, and Thai ethnicities. As a metaphor we will be embarking on a hero's journey together and discovering the power found in each one of us to find solutions to the ecological inequities we see in our communities.

j vimeo.com/19157759

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