While we were putting this cat back together I would scour the net to see this beast in action to no or little avail. SO in case there are other comrades out there looking to satiate here is a little window of what you may be in for!

The day with three people on board it was blowing around 20. Rather steady with areas of good sized swells. The swells were rolling into pillsbury sound. Bought a speedo app for the iphone and it was reading 20knots regularly almost to weather in ROUGH water!!! That with marginal trim since none of us are really that skilled at perfect trim yet.

The day when we rigged two go pros one on the spin pole and one on the hull it was around 12-15. Super nice!! This boat is just amazing! Two up in chop 12 knots and just flying!

The ARC 22 is a production beach or sport catamaran that is know for it's large sail area for the weight of the boat. The mast is 38' 6" tall and is made of carbon fiber for a high strength to weight ratio as well as some other benefits. This cat was actually born a Super Cat but is now known as the ARC 22.

Loads of fun!


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