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[WARNING: Violent Images]

Storyline for The Definition of Uncertainty III;
August 16, 2011. 1410 hours. 19ºC. 8km 34ºN.E. of the Incahuasi District (Distrito de Incahuasi), Peru, 3300m elevation, 6º11'15.31"S, 79º16'38.12"W.

I teamed up with WestCoastRC for a epic adventure into the forest of the Andes Mountains. Because of local belief, there was a certain unease as we left the town of Incahuasi, heading North East to a remote location high above La Granja Querocoto (an abandoned farm).

We ended up taking a wrong turn...somewhere...and found ourselves passing by, what looked like, the work camp from the ferry tale (el campamento de los muertos) that was told to us by the residences of Incahuasi the night before. Some of the locals believe this place is haunted by workers that disappeared from the farm during the early 1990's.

The strange part is most of the locals believe this camp does not exist and the ferry tail is just that, a myth used to scare kids from entering the mountains alone.

The camp is real...and the ferry tail, el campamento de los muertos (the camp of the dead), lives on...

Thanks for watching.

Filmed on location Furry Creek FSR, BC

another RC Short Film with the story told by Radio Control.


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