This short piece was specifically designed for a very special event, back in April, at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. The film was the first segment of the evening, introducing Dr. Dan Lloyd, his 'Mind as Music' theory, and the experiment we were about to witness. This piece was followed by Dan Lloyd's realization of subject Jeff Sable's brain, The Lickets' live interpretation of the same data, and a panel + QA consisting of Dr.Dan Lloyd, Dr. Zoran Josipovic, Music Theorist/Composer Doug Johnson, The Lickets, and subject Jeff Sable.

The evening was a huge success, ( we had a packed house and a great show. This was the first in many events/experiments toward a feature length film, MUSIC OF THE HEMISPHERES, aiming to explore the sweet intersection of Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Music Theory; all through the lens of Lloyd's working hypothesis that consciousness operates within a musical structure.

Read more about the film and make a donation to our fund-raising efforts toward furthering production here:


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