A Breath of Venus is the main film of set of four films (see Links below). Planetary scientists Jean-Loup Bertaux (Service d'Aéronomie du CNRS, France) and Jörn Helbert (German Space Agency) go for a hike on the island of Volcano (Italy). They meet different phenomena there and show how those relate to Venus and the study of that planet, in particular with the European Venus Express mission.
They also explore the similarities and differences between Earth and Venus and explain how the study of Venus can help us better understand our own planet.
The international aspect of the enterprise of a space mission is accentuated by the fact that everybody speaks his or her mother tongue.
Painting is used to illustrate more abstract concepts.

A Question of Temperature:
A Story of D and H:
A Look at Operations:
Venus Express mission:
music by João Luís Lobo:

Produced by Lightcurve Films with the support of the ESA/Venus Express mission (2007).


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