A screen recording of modeling a head inside Zbrush. It actually took me 3.5 hours to finish, and I've recorded about 1/3rd of the process, because I had a feeling I'd mess up Camtaia recorder settings; hence the zoom ins and zoom outs every time I've zoomed in or out on an object inside Zbrush (My screen didn't actually zoom in and zoom out), and because I had that feeling of messing it up I didn't record the whole deal. But as I'm pretty satisfied with the end result (and I never know till the very end how it's going to turn out) I decided not to delete the video, but show you a part of making of Trejo instead. The only part recorded I'm afraid.

This is an uedited video, where you can see all my ordeals caused by a single monitor :)

For the final result in full resolution please follow this link:

j vimeo.com/29427915

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