Build a TeamFortress2 inspired cartoon rifle in zbrush only.

Part 1 of 4:
overview & building the barrel.

All Parts: vimeo.com/album/2309606/

used techniques:
- poly extruding with transpose
- extracting and beveling with panel loops


2:34 i am actually talking about transpose but not about how to draw out the actionline and the difference it makes.

3:40 by turning of perspective, the snapped views become ORTOGRAPHIC sideviews, like you might know from maya or max or xsi or...

4:00 the reason i want a lower resolution sphere is that i will have to do less extrusions to control the curvature at the end of the barrel. it will become smoother by subdividing later.

6:05 remember i allready extruded a couple of times before i just dragged out, that way i allready have that original loop from the center of the sphere at the start and at the end of the barrel, what gives me an even cylinder in the middle portion of the barrel.

7:00 SliceRect would have been the better choice here, i guess you see why (hint: "whoop").

14:16 "we don't need a lot of geometry here" but we actually have. at the end of this workshop this rifle will have millions of polys, but this is zbrush, and zbrush doesnt care that much about it. if you want this rifle to be a game asset you will need to retopologize (plenty of tutorials about that topic are already out there, so i will leave this out for this workshop).

15:08 Moiré effect of the polyframe

16:03 big in relation to zbrush measurements, if you would export this to maya or max it still would be tiny.

18:15 ctrl-shift-a grows THE VISIBILITY of all polygroups within one connected mesh

19:28 If ctrl-shift-drag (outside of geometry) doesn't invert the visibility you might still have a slicebrush instead of a selectbrush on your ctrl-shift brush setting.

20:43 if you are watching this the day i uploaded this video, "seeing you again in a moment" wont be possible because i underestimated the time it takes to render and upload the videos. so the next part will be up tomorrow.

j vimeo.com/62175062

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