Self-Taught Filmmaking

Resolution chart shot with the Canon C500 in 4K and 4K Half Raw, Sony F55, Scarlet-X and Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

All cameras are tested with the same 28mm Ziess CP2 at T5.6, which allowed us to use the same lens, but change between EF and PL mount to accommodate more camera systems. The charts were lit with Hive Wasp Plasma Pars. The daylight balanced Pars allow for shooting in optimal conditions for video cameras, which are natively balanced for daylight. In addition, Plasma Pars better reproduce daylight then HMIs and have a cool beam, which reduces wear and fade on the chart itself.

The charts were lit evenly using both a waveform and light meter. The light meter is used to set exposures and an 18% gray card is used as a reference for setting exposure.

Special thanks to P3 Media works for letting us use their Studio:

Magnanimous Media offers video production equipment for rental; the Canon C300 and Sony F55 to Wireless Lavs and Light Kits we have all the essentials at a great price.


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