MONOLOGUE is a collaboration between actor and camera.

Location: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
Weather: 30 degrees °F with 10 MPH winds
Lighting: Daylight - Scattered Clouds - 12 PM - March
Take Selected: Two of Three
Equipment: Sony FS700 using Face Detection, Glidecam X-22, Sennheiser Wireless Lav, Rodes Shotgun
Biggest Challenge: Audio, by far the biggest challenge of this series has been capturing good audio.
The lavs work when your not rolling and create static when I am. One man banding the shoot is never easy with a steadicam, but the lavs not working add an extra layer of frustration. As backup I added a shotgun mic to my rig with a deadcat to protect from the wind blowing through the tunnel.
Key Takeaway: I knew the tunnel would provide an intimate setting for Annabel's monologue from scouting. Contending with the wind in the tunnel was an unexpected surprise. Trying to shoot more than one monologue per day is ambitious.

Big thanks to Sarina and Chris for helping out during their Saturday afternoon in the cold!

"SubUrbia" (1996)

I had a brother who was retarded -down syndrome. We called him Mikey like from that commercial "Mikey will eat it, Mikey will eat anything". Mikey was always eating cause he wasn't very good at doing much else. He could walk places by himself, but that was it. It was safe to do that in those days. And then one day Mikey didn't come home when he was supposed to. We didn't find him till the spring when the ice melted. They figured that he'd fallen through the ice on the pond, and that he got sucked down the stream to where some kids had thrown in an old shopping cart. And there he was, sitting in that rusty cart. Still in his overalls, all decayed -But it was him. It was 5 years ago I'm over it, my mom's not all she does is sit at home watch the home shopping network and drink. I keep telling her to go to therapy. My dad, I never see my dad... Vietnam Vet, I think he killed people over there. Yeah, he's in Florida, skippers deep sea fishing. I hate it here. It's like being dead. And he got away, but I wanted so badly to get away.

About the Project:
MONOLOGUE showcases the skill of a single actor performing one continuous steadicam shot on location in NYC operated by Richard Patterson. The performance can be the reinvention of a soliloquy from a play or film, or a completely original piece. The length of the performance must be a minimum of one minute. The scene will be blocked out the day of the shoot at the location. The monologue must be executed within three takes.

j vimeo.com/62530813

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