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Same sex kisses were abundant at Chick-fil-A, as about 200 people turned out for a rally in Midtown Memphis after Chick-fil-A's president spoke out against gay marriage.

"It is not about chicken, not about chicken, not about chicken at all," said Eric Hildebrand, as he held a poster in support of the "kiss-in."

Hildebrand and other supporters packed a sidewalk in front of Chick-fil-A's midtown restaurant.

Last month, Dan Cathy, the head of Chick-fil-A spoke out against gay marriage. Organizers of the kiss-in say the protest was not a rally against the comments.

"If we want to talk opinions, I'm pretty sure the love I have for my boyfriend is no one else's but mine." Hildebrand said.

"We don't like that Chick-fil-A has taken the stance that they are anti-gay," said Anthony Cullen, joined at the rally by his wife and two sons, ages 8 and 10.

"I hope they will realize it is ok to believe anything you want to believe but it is not ok to act against people you don't like," Michelle Cullen said.

Managers at the restaurant shook hands with people, and brought out a cart of lemonade and tea.

They declined to comment to


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