Stanford Film Society

Film directed and edited by Derek Ouyang, Stanford '13.
Shot with a Sony DCR-HC32 in Arcadia, CA.
Edited using Premiere Pro CS3.
Duration of project: 11/23/09 - 11/26/09
Actor: Joey Denapole
Music: John Mayer- Do You Know Me

Final Project for Humans and Machines, Introduction to the Humanities, at Stanford University.
Professors Henry Lowood and Scott Bukatman, Teaching Fellow Jon Daehnke.

Abstract: In the words of Marshall McLuhan, indie film tends to be a cold medium which presents the story in bare, minimalist form and forces the viewer to make critical inferences and develop their own comprehensive understanding of the director’s vision – to critically confront the film and derive personal change. In much the same way, the protagonist of Forgetting You happens upon the cold, bitter realization that he has erased his own memories, which forces him to confront the hot medium of memory manipulation, critically analyze its detrimental effects on his personal growth, and ultimately reject the use of technological escapism.


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