Astronomy Sky's the Limit!

Did you see the smiley face in the sky, formed by a rare alignment of heavenly bodies on the 1st of December 2008?

Right on schedule on Monday evening, Venus, Jupiter and a three-day-old crescent moon have appeared as a smiley face above the western horizon.

While they appeared to be close together, in reality they weren't.
The crescent moon is 403,000km away while Venus is 149.5 million km away and Jupiter 870 million km.

It will be another five years before it appears again,
but the next time the three will be as close and visible as this week will be Nov 18, 2052.

Hope you guys saw it, as it was truly beautiful.

First shot was taken with my small photographic digital camera, which only has a 3x zoom.
By the time I got the HV20 out, it was dark.
There was a light cloud passing as I was taping and it made the planets (eyes of the face) wink.

It truly was magnificent when the sky was a deep blue with the 'Smiley Face' beaming down upon us.
That's when I ran to get my camera and tripod, but by the time I got everything ready it already started to get dark...
Oh man, now I have to wait until 2052 before I get another shot at it.
So please wait, I promise to get a better shot then ;-)


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