Astronomy Sky's the Limit!

NASA-produced narration by William Shatner is remixed with public-domain footage from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and other missions and source reels, backed up with a very dangerous groove from CC-licensed material.


public domain footage
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/SDO
Sea of Bubbles at Edge of Solar System
Sun Grazing Comets As Solar Probes
SDO Provides First Sightings of How a CME Forms
SDO Detects Sunspots in Solar Interior
SDO Sees Solar Ballet
SDO Engineers Create What Never Was
SDO: Year One
SDO: Year 2
SDO: Year 3
Solar Back-sided Halo CME

the Prelinger Archive
Our Mr. Sun

A/V Geeks
Journey Through the Solar System, Episode 1: Our Star The Sun


Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive


bed track
by Rubberband
from the compilation "Cheese & Biscuits"
issued under Creative Commons 3.0 license

adapted from
Dark IDM Set (Dubstep Glitch Breakcore 27-02-12)
by SGE304
used by permission

video & soundtrack editing
Lyndon Lorenz

all rights reserved
individual copyrights are the properties
of their respective owners


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